EDGE Welding Cups Lights up the Welding Industry with Scientifically Innovative Welding Cups

25 years have passed since EDGE Welding Supply owner, Eric Mueller made the giant leap into the scientific glassblowing industry, a move that would allow him to launch his welding cup business, EDGE Welding Supply. The venture would prove to be the right course of action. EDGE Welding Cups currently features the largest selection of multi-size welding cups in the world. I sat down for an interview with Eric recently and I asked him what led him to launch his career in glass blowing. Eric replied “I wish it was truly glamorous, but I basically had a friend that was working with a company that made glass consumables for scientific spectrometers, my buddy was making really great pay and they offered excellent on the job training. I applied for a position and they gave me an opportunity. Taking advantage of this opportunity led to the future creation of EDGE Welding Cups.” The skills Eric gained through the years provided the catalyst for starting his own company glass blowing business M5 Scientific Glass Blowing. In 2016, EDGE Welding Supply became a promising business venture for their family. EDGE focuses on the engineering and production of EDGE Welding Cups, a pyrex glass cup, predominately created from borosilicate glass and made to withstand temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The glass cups are highly durable and provide maximum visibility for the welder.

In June 2012, Eric, with his wife Stacia and three children moved from the state of Colorado to Mooresville, North Carolina. It was here that they formed EDGE Welding Supply to engineer and produce their precision performance welding products. Eric learned the scientific method of working with inductively coupled plasma, a source of plasma whose energy is supplied by electric currents that are produced by time-varying magnetic fields. The capability and skill necessary to work with this plasma were extremely helpful in the engineering and adaptation of the companies line of high visibility precision welding cups. The long hours of dedication to perfecting these skills have made it possible to create not only a technologically superior product but one that is scientifically engineered also.mueller-family-photo-edge-welding-supply

The EDGE Difference tops the Competition

EDGE rises above the competition in their ability to create custom welding cups for the customer, any sizes and shape can be created in the exact specification necessary to complete a TIG welding project. EDGE Welding Supply offers individual cups for several different welding torch models such as the 920 Series Gas Lens, 1718 Gas Lens, and Collet Body models. Welding Cups can also be purchased as a Series 920 Gas Lens or 1718 Gas Lens and 1718 Collet Body Welding Kits The business also sells various accessories designed to work hand in hand with their products including custom made adapters, diffusers, and thermal O-Rings. EDGE Welding products are currently marketed internationally as well as nationwide. The company has a distributorship in the United Kingdom, WeldFast UK. and their welding cups are currently being marketed and shipped to locations throughout Australia and the Netherlands. The popularity of their products are quickly on the rise and the customer is guaranteed that they can depend on an outstanding performance from every EDGE product they purchase.

A Solid Plan for an Amazing Future

Future plans for the company are in the works to include even more exciting and state of the art welding products to customers  The company has some extremely exciting announcements coming in the next several weeks for expanding their line. The plans include the addition of an orbital welding line with an undisclosed but extremely visible name in the industry. The addition of a new welding torch collection is also taking place soon. Eric and his wife Stacia are very excited about the opportunities that this will bring to their customers and the business. Their commitment to providing the most innovative and exceptional welding supplies is inherent in every aspect of their business. Their customers are able to utilize these advancements to bring new levels of creativity to their welding projects like never before.

The Mueller’s when asked what their hopes and goals are for EDGE’s future shared these words,” We wish to bless others in the same way we have been blessed. For us, our business is about our people and we know that it takes our employees, their hard work, dedication, loyalty and sacrifice that creates our backbone and to bless them for all of their efforts. Our customers are the very thing that keeps us moving forward to an extremely exciting future and we know that we need to offer them exceptional customer support to keep us heading in the most successful directions.” The Mueller’s could not have said it better and provide the finest of formulas that promise to lead their business to the very top of the welding supply industry.

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