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The Advantages of Orbital Welding To The Welding Industry

Orbital Welding is an advancement in the field of welding that allows for a controlled, precise weld that reduces the amount of error in traditional welding techniques. The process is able to reduce human error through the use of a welding arc that is mechanically enforced at a 360-degree rotation around a fixed position workpiece. First used in the aerospace industry over 50 years ago this TIG adapted technique has proven to be useful for items that are difficult for the welder to weld manually.

The orbital welding process technique is a perfect solution for the TIG welding industry to ensure the safety of the welder to and to decrease a faulty weld. The process does this by using mechanized equipment that is programmed by a computer and overseen by the welder. The welder is able to keep a close eye on the workflow without having to worry about creating the perfect parameters for an ideal weld.

Importance of Orbital Welding in BioPharma Industries

The biopharmaceutical industry is one industry that relies on autogenous orbital gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) as roughly 99 percent of all welding done within biopharmaceutical facilities engages orbital GTAW. One big advantage of orbital welding is the ability for computerized versions of these machines to utilize microprocessors for storing valuable welding data in memory. This is a huge advancement for the welder that is required by strict regulations to provide vital inspection logs and records to achieve validation for a pharmaceutical facility from the US. Food and Drug Administration.

Orbital Welding Advantages

Increased productivity is one of the main advantages for a business to consider an orbital welding system, it will outperform the manual welder. Orbital welding also provides a more controlled environment, and the ability to track information about the weld through data retrieval computer. Another benefit is the decreased time it takes to learn the orbital process compared to the time frame to develop an advanced skilled TIG worker. A novice can learn to orbital weld quickly. Last, the orbital welder can reach places that manual welding cannot and that may be a significant factor for the businesses welding objectives.

The Importance of the Manual TIG Operator

Although orbital welding appears to be significantly useful, the skilled TIG welder does have highly valuable skills as well, formed through years of learned experience. The advanced TIG welder has an advantage when performing an operation with orbital weld equipment and can quickly adapt to challenges. For many businesses, the manual welder is a valued and necessary part of the day to day operations and the machines cannot make important human decisions regarding business communication and operations. The main deciding factor will come down to the business goals and preferences of the welding shop owner. It is ironic that the deciding factor is entirely up to the human thought process to make the determination of which style suits the shops project goals best something a machine simply cannot do.

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