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    EDGE Welding Cups are scientifically engineered for a more precise weld and premium gas coverage!

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    EDGE Welding Supply with the largest selection of Pyrex & Quartz TIG Cups & MIG Nozzles in the industry! Giving you what you need for a better quality weld and premium gas coverage!

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    EDGE Welding Cups are heated to 2,000 degrees, ensuring the highest quality and durability.

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    EDGE Welding cups are 100% Engineered and Produced in the USA.

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Proudly Patented here in the United States
U.S.Patent #10,946,467 

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EDGE Welding Cups are the most premium line of scientifically engineered pyrex (borosilicate) and quartz glass welding cups on the market to date.  Each of our welding cups, diffusers, and attachments are expertly designed to provide exceptional performance and offer superior visibility for GTAW/TIG Welding projects.  EDGE Welding Cups are extremely durable, high-quality and high-temperature cups and offer incredible potential for the welder.  EDGE Welding Supply offers a wide range of sizes and shapes and has recently introduced the EDGE Shorty Series as well as the EDGE Q Series.  If you are not finding a specific cup size we do offer to create a custom cup to fit your necessary specifications.

We are extremely dedicated to providing exceptional support and knowledge of the pyrex and quartz welding cups.  Each and every customer is treated as a highly valued patron of EDGE Welding Supply.  We diligently strive to develop trust and loyalty from each transaction to earn your business and guaranteed satisfaction. If you are uncertain about whether EDGE Pyrex and Quartz cups are the right fit for your welding need, our excellent support team is available to discuss any information you may have before you purchase and can make expert recommendations based on your projects needs.  EDGE Welding Supply is constantly envisioning  and introducing new and innovative concepts within the welding products industry so that our customers are constantly kept informed and knowledgeable of all new technologies dedicated to GTAW/TIG Welding.   Our products are currently used in the following areas” TIG Welding, Welding Fabrication, Rig Welding, Automated Welding, Orbital Welding, Aviation, and much more.

We are here for all your GTAW/TIG Welding needs, let us know what we can help you with.  We graciously look forward to having you as member of the EDGE Family!



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