How it all began

EDGE Welding Supply is a family business. Welcome to the family!

EDGE Welding Supply has been working with glass for more than 35 years, primarily on the medical side, creating lab equipment that requires extreme precision and durability.

We set out to produce a welding cup that was just as durable, if not more so, as the cups that dominate the welding landscape, but was made out of glass.

Today, we produce an extensive line of welding cups that can accommodate all makes and models of welding equipment as well the ability to create custom solutions as needed.

Overwhelming Demand

We knew our welding cups would be a big hit, we just didn’t realize how big and we didn’t realize the doors that would continue to open.

What started as a single product has spawned into dozens more, with custom designs now consuming the majority of our efforts.

EDGE Welding Supply has recently completed major rebrand that allows us to pivot away from a single product and transition into a full-service welding parts and equipment supplier for all of your welding needs.

The Future is bright

Over the coming months, be on the lookout for EDGE Welding Supply as we partner with the largest vendors and manufacturers in the world.

These efforts are designed to allow our current and future clients to get everything their business needs within the welding industry from a single source they can trust.

We’re not just here to make a profit, we’re here to make a difference and secure partners for life.

After all, it’s all about relationships – now, and into the future.

What you can expect from us


Integrity matters. You’ll never have to worry about us playing games with your business.

We Care

We truly care about our customers and quality of our products.


We’re always available to discuss your needs and figure out solutions, together.


We’re passionate about pursuing innovation and creating products most shy away from.

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