EDGE Gas Lens Narrow Series

The EDGE Narrow Series Welding Cups are an exclusive product and can only be purchased from EDGE Welding Cups.

The EDGE Welding Cups, Narrow Series is essentially a #4 or #6 welding cup that we form into an oval.  We also offer this in the XL and XXL sizes. The benefit of the narrow line is, its ability to reach into narrow passages or between tubes that are bent or fabricated at extremely tight angles to one another, and deliver the welding gas in a narrow path where it’s needed.

The Narrows can be used on a 17,18,26 using the EDGE Conversion Combo (#4 Stubby Gas Lens and Collet with the GL920 Adapter)

This saves the welder in three ways.

1) There isn’t a need to use a monster cup to deliver mass amounts of gas for gas coverage because the Narrow Line cup reaches to the weld puddle.

2) The Narrow Line saves gas because the welder can focus the gas where it’s needed, and not just flood of gas for overall coverage.

3) The surrounding metal stays cooler because the gas is focused where you need it.  This will save you time, money, frustration and help give you a better reputation for quality over your competition.

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