EDGE MIG Nozzles offered for the following MIG diffusers/nozzles…4 styles available in 2 or 3 sizes


EDGE MIG Zombie (Series 24)

*EDGE MIG Zombie (Series 24) DIFFUSER AND NOZZLE *must be used with the EDGE modified HD 54-16 Diffuser and 2 orings

If you use this Diffuser  HD 54-16 (OEM HD54-16) Alternate Part Numbers – RAD64002732, PRSHD54-16, PXHD54-16, 1540-113

and you use this Nozzle -TWECO Style Welding 5/8 NOZZLE – SLIP ON 24A62
Superior Consumables, Brand Name Tweco, Superior Part # TW24A62, OEM 24A62, Alternate Part Numbers – 1240-1120 , 1240-1556 , KP24A62, RAD64002712, PRS24A-62, BLU-MIGTW24A62, 24A-62, PX24A62, C24A-62
available in 3 sizes

M24-AH50 Q 1/2″

M24AH-62 Q 5/8″

M24AH-75 Q 3/4″

EDGE MIG 22 Series (32 Insulator)

*EDGE MIG 22 Series INSULATOR AND NOZZLE *must be used with Nozzle Insulator 32

If you use Nozzle Insulator 32 for Lincoln® Tweco® MIG Welding Gun 200A – 250A

*34 insulator not available at this time
available in 3 sizes

M22-37 Q 3/8″

M22-50 Q 1/2″

M22-62 Q 5/8″

EDGE MIG 21 Series
*EDGE MIG 21 Series DIFFUSER AND NOZZLE  *must be used with EDGE MIG 21 Series Adapter and 2 orings (M21-A, M21-OR)

If you use Tweco style Diffuser 35-50, 51, 51-23 

  • Premium quality Tweco® style 35-50, 51, 51-23 gas diffuser.
  • Accommodates MIG welding wire 0.023″ (0.6mm).
  • For use with thread-on nozzle assemblies with Tweco® No.1 series MIG welding gun in light to medium duty welding application up to 180 Amp.
  • Also fits Lincoln® Magnum light-medium duty MIG guns; replacement for gas diffuser P/N: KP51.
  • Works with 11 series contact tip.
available in 3 sizes

M21-37 Q 3/8″

M21-50 Q 1/2″

M21-62 Q 5/8″  

*EDGE MIG 15 Series DIFFUSER AND NOZZLE *Must be used with Diffuser 13002-DLT 

For HTP and Everlast Machines using the 13002-DLT Diffusers

replacement nozzles 15105B and 15108B