EDGE is Honored and Thrilled to have an amazing EDGE Army of highly talented and skilled men and women in the welding industry!

Let us introduce them to you!  Be sure to check them out on all different social media platforms and websites for those of them that have them!


MARK DE LENG Welderholic

Hello my name is Mark de Leng and I’m living in a little village in the east of the Netherlands (Europe)With my wife Cantal and two cats. I’m a welder/fabricator at a company here nearby. We build machines for the industrial laundry factory’s.  Mostly machines to save water and energy, like water filtration and heating saving systems. I work mostly with stainless steel. That means welding and fabricate all the frames/tanks/piping and all the components which are needed to put a complete system together.  Welding with EDGE cups is so comfortable. Especially in the corners where you don’t have enough sight to see. Now you can see what you do thru the glass. Also the gasflow is amazing, it protects the weld and tungsten for oxidising and burning at the right way.  Also the stick out from the tungsten is so much more than the normal sized ceramic cup. My favorite EDGE Cups are: For my daily job, the GL12 EDGE Shorty and GL12 EDGE Standard size. And for my artwork, the EDGE GL15 and EDGE GL18.  The only thing i don’t like is that they are not unbreakable when you let drop your torch accidentally on to the floor 😉 🙂 lol  My advice to all the welders, Try the EDGE welding cups!! With lots of different variations and custom made ones especially for your daily welding job. You won’t regret using them. 

Greetings,  Mark de Leng @welderholic

STEVEN DE LEEUW Weldlicious 

My name is Steven De Leeuw, I started out as a fitter building various stuff. I liked welding and when all welders where busy i started welding my own work. After some time our head welder stoped and they needed someone else welding full time.Eventually my main task was welding stainless and other exotic materials.
Things where getting really serious when I found out people shared their work on social media. This was so cool! From this moment on I was striving for the best, first only my personal account. After a while I created Weldlicious where I shared all kinds of welding from everyone.
This all brought me to where I am now, welding water-injection systems/exhausts for all kinds of applications! Never thought I would like it so much! Enjoying(and sharing) all the welding from over the world.

JAMES WEST JamesWestWelding

At a young age my father inspired me to be a welder.  He is the original James West and he used to weld on many classic cars for most of my life. At age 12 he handed me the gun and said- “Wanna try?” I was immediately hooked and never looked back.
I have gained diverse experience in the welding industry over my 20+ year career. I am currently a welder/technician for a Caterpillar dealer and also an entrepreneur.
As the owner of James West Welding, I strive to showcase the passion I have for the industry. I am always looking for ways to inspire current and future welders.
I reside in Syracuse, NY. I’m married and have 3 kids. I enjoy spending time with my family, playing with my pit bulls, riding my motorcycles, & collecting Star Wars helmets.

Eric Gutierrez’s EG_FabWorks

I was born into a Classic Car Lovin’ Household full of Gear Head-Grease Monkeys, Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers and Foodies. I was practically born with a 9/16” combination wrench in one hand and a Wiggy in the other. Fast forward Sixteen Years, My Dad bought Me My 1st car, a 1972 Chevy Nova SS 4-Speed Car, which I still have to this day. My Nova was always in need of repairs to keep it road worthy, so motor upgrades, welding, fabricating and painting on a budget were always on the Father/Son to do list. My Dad taught Me how to Arc Weld with His old Lincoln Tombstone Welder around the age of 7, learned how to MIG Weld around 16, with a borrowed welder. Got a job at an old Canery at the age of 18, as an Entry Level Maintenance Controls Electrician, this is where I was introduced to Heliarc for the first time. It was an old Miller Refrigerator sized machine, named Big Bertha and  I was in LOVE at first Tungsten Dip.

The Maintenance Mechanics were the only ones allowed to weld at the company, they happened to be good friends of My Dad, so I was allowed to tinker around their shop. This quickly led to being taught how the Heliarc. Once I caught on to feeding the filler rod, both right handed and South Paw and not dip the tungsten every 10 seconds. I was introduced to their Miller suitcase TIG welder, the Scratch Start journey began. I was working on G-Jobs every chance I could, with an abundance of scrap, food grade stainless steel, I was in TIG’n Heaven. Several years later, I got into Rock Crawling with my ’72 K/10, this is when I bought My first welder. A Miller 180SD with a WeldCraft water cooler, the TIG’n projects have always been moving through My welding table ever since. Several years ago I started reviewing welding and work gloves on Instagram, for the larger handed 2XL folks. Having always dealt with tight fitting gloves, that were usually not true to size and usually having to be ordered on line.

I began EG_FabWorks and Long_Beach_GearHead on Instagram, which quickly led to many cool TIG’n and restoration projects, over the years. Growing My Instagram Family, allowing Me to become an EDGE Welding Cup Ambassador and be part of The Coolest Family Ever. I’ve been honored and humbled to have some Amazing Companies Backing Me up while doing what I Love, behind My Candy Hoods.



Well it all started about 3 to 4 weeks ago……I came across this guy’s welding pics on Insta, and thought hey, I could do that. So I did and this is where I’m at today.
Just messing around, welding for me is a family trait. My Dad, and Grandpa both were welders/fabricators. My Grandpa taught at a local Community College, and I’d go to his classroom after school and he’d make me join in, instead of sitting there. Somehow I stumbled upon Edge, and wanted to try their cups. Noticing a few positives right away,, I fell in love with them. Having great gas coverage is pretty much everything when tig welding, especially in sheetmetal, and I haven’t found any that are as consistent and clear viewing as an EDGE Cup is. Even on custom orders, they’ve been amazingly fast, and correct for what I envisioned.

I’ve done everything from boilermaker work, sheetmetal, to building scaffolds and being a tour manager for bands (I love music). It’s all in just trying to search for myself, and put me where I’m at today. I feel blessed to be where I’m at today, and always thirsting for more knowledge and skill in what I do. Never much to write about myself, so here’s what y’all get so far. Work safe, and weld on.


 I have always been very passionate about all things artistic and hand crafted. Drawing, painting, and sculpting defined my interests until I was 18 and had to decide what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. I was referred by my local community college to look into their welding program to see if I liked it, and I fell in love the minute I struck my first arc. From that moment, I knew I had chosen my path. I spent the next year in trade school learning about the machines, studying blueprints, and of course, playing with a molten pool of metal. I landed my first shop job two weeks out of school to gain all the experience I could, which led me into my current position as a military certified tig welder. 

  EDGE Cups have become a necessity for the art that I create, because they provide such excellent shielding, optimal visibility, and are made of pure quality.
The values behind the company show in the products they provide, and I’m so happy to be part of the EDGE army.
  My go-to cup to use is the #10 quartz. I use it for nearly every job that comes to my table and I really love that It is capable of withstanding higher temperatures, and for longer periods of time. Another favorite detail about this company is that if you can’t find the specific cup you are looking for, you can get ahold of them directly to arrange a custom order to perfectly suit the job. I stand by EDGE cups because of their dedication to provide the best products to welders, and grow with the industry as we learn new ways of making welding awesome!

I’ve always been interested in how to build things. Curiosity and necessity fueled my desire to build, restore and make stuff. Whether it was restoring my first car with my father when I was 16, constructing skate ramps, or building a desk when I couldn’t afford to buy one, I enjoyed using my hands, my creativity, and whatever resources I could find to build solutions. Over the years, for good or bad, I tried my hand at anything that interested me. What excites me is a desire to teach, make something better, or learn something new. These days, I consider myself a welding and restoration enthusiast.

My go-to cup will always be the #10 shorty. Love my Edge cups – the quality is absolutely undeniable after using them even just briefly. But beyond the gas coverage is a family-run company that cares about their products and, most of all, their customers. Because of that, the HoC proudly stands by EDGE.