EDGE Diffusers and Diffuser Placement Tools

EDGE Diffusers and Diffuser Placement Tools

available in 1/16, 3/32 and 1/8

EDGE 12 Diffuser

EDGE 15 Diffuser

EDGE 18 Diffuser

EDGE Diffuser Technology is second to none.  We have done extensive development and testing to ensure the highest quality standards in the industry.  The ensure the best gas coverage possible for the highest demanding industries including orbital welding for nuclear and military standards.

EDGE Diffusers 10 and 12 have been confirmed to used at 10-35 CFH and still maintain laminar flow outside the cup.  The difference will be how far you need for tungsten stick out.  We have tested to 4″ of tungsten stick out in a controlled environment at 35 CFH with laminar flow and complete coverage.

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